The Anatomy of a Drama Queen


What makes a person a "drama queen?"

A)  An overabundance of concern for one's finger nails.

B)  An uncanny ability to get into "He said, She said" fiascos.

C)  A passion for glitz, glamour, and fashion.

D)  A need to scream and make a lot of noise.

E)  An inability to control ones emotions.

F)  All of the above.

Have you made your choice?  Well, the answer is ...


At least in my humble opinion.  You see, I've pondered on this subject for the past week or so and have come to the conclusion that what really makes a person a "drama queen" is their head, or rather, what's in their head.

Allow me to explain.  

Everyone has the power to decide how big their world is.  That power lies inside their head.  It's all in your head Mr. Tweedy.  How do you know how big someone's world is?  Find their tipping point.

Tipping points are situations where a person reaches their maximum capacity, loses their cool, or feels as if everything is game over.  A "drama queen" simply has a very low threshold and experiences their tipping point on a regular basis.  The miraculous thing is, we get to chose what our tipping points are.

So what do you dread?  What can break you?  What is your tipping point?  I advise being careful in what you choose, because if it's something small, you're showing everyone exactly how big your world is.  And if it's only as big as a finger nail, that could be a little embarrassing.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

My dad almost died in a horse accident on July 19, 2008.  He was rushed from Raymond to Lethbridge, where he had emergency surgery.  After over 12 units of blood and the extraction of his right kidney, doctors knew the only hope of survival was to rush him to Calgary.  Before he was airlifted, our family was asked to say good bye because the chances of him making it all the way to Calgary were very slim.  

Miraculously, he made it and again, our family was asked to say good bye as he was prepped for his next surgery.  After the longest night of my life, I remember looking out the window of the ICU waiting room the next morning and being absolutely confused as to how the world could keep spinning after all that I had been through.  People were still driving their cars, birds were still chirping, and I even saw someone with a smile on their face and heard laughing.  It was blasphemy!  Thankfully, my father was saved by a heroic surgery which reattached his severed renal artery to his aorta and I was able to let my world start spinning again.  

As I look back to that single moment of cognitive dissonance, I realize a very valuable lesson.  Although it may seem like my world has stopped turning, the real world doesn't.  Life really, truly does go on.  The sun will rise, the sun will set.  People will continue to enjoy life, even if I'm not especially happy.  

It is so easy to throw up the white flag, too easy even.  People do it everyday.  Some people even make a big scene about it and we call them "drama queens".  It's our choice to be one or not.  It's our choice to realize that the world keeps spinning.  It's our choice to determine exactly how big our world is.  

It's our choice.
5 comments on "The Anatomy of a Drama Queen"
  1. kristen this was the perfect post for me tody!

  2. Again...so wise. I admire you so much!! Everything will be ok girly :)

  3. you should write my essay for me :)
    grreat post!

  4. kristin, you have a special gift. a beautiful one actually. the gift of the written word. i'm grateful i know you, let alone related to you. these blog posts are incredibly inspiring.

    please never stop.

    p.s. i remember one night all of our family was over at my parents house and we were all kneeling in a big circle crying, and praying for your dad. what a miracle.

  5. I really did love this blog post KG, but it's kind of made me want to hit myself in the face all day.

    Hi, my name is Tina, and I am a drama queen.

    Don't worry, I'll probably blog about it later. Thanks for the inspiration as always!!